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PC Maintenance

Stop worrying about the performance of your computers and let the licensed technicians from Samudina IT Consultancy Ltd solve.

Virus/Malware Solutions

How confident are you in your existing protection software? Are they updated and powerful enough to handle all potential threats?

Computer Security

Our Security Services help you get the most from your cybersecurity program and technology investments.

24/7 Customer Support

We are an experienced, affordable IT consulting firm providing advisory IT support for your users, as well as Proactive Desktop Remote Management and Maintenance for your workstations.

System Upgrades

Our agreements give you access to major & minor updates. We also offer the option of connecting to your server remotely to help you upgrade your your systems

Backup & Recovery

We understand that your data is important and you need it back so life can get back to normal. When choosing from the many recovery services available, choose a data recovery professional that is sincerely concerned with how this loss has affected your life.

Computer Support & Maintenance Services

Our full Computer Maintenance & Support Services Include

  • Unlimited tech support throughout the year
  • Free up hard disk space
  • Virus removal and protection support
  • Detect and repair disk errors
  • Backup support for emails, browsers and for storage devices
  • System recovery and backup
  • Install anti-virus and configure
  • Run full system scan
  • Remove identified threats permanently
  • Defragmentation of hard disk
  • Proper hard disk partitioning
  • Troubleshoot webcam and display problems
  • Troubleshoot VGA card errors
  • Troubleshoot sound card problems
  • Troubleshoot blue screen errors
  • Firewall settings
  • Microsoft OS and applications tech support
  • MAC tech support
  • Registry error fixing
  • Emails Configuration and solutions
  • And many other services
Starting at just KSH 10,000/mo      Ordrer Now

Computer pure Maintenance

Computer Only Maintenance Services Include

  • We help keep your computer’s inside and outside hardware clean.
  • Dust can clog fans and cause a computer to overheat, so it is important keep it clean and free of dust. Even if your computer isn't overheating, dust can still damage the internal components of your computer. Dust absorbs moisture which allows the dust to adhere to the surfaces of the electronics. Dust, food, liquid, and other particles can get stuck underneath the keys on your keyboard, which can prevent it from working properly. Monthly cleaning and testing helps to prevent possible damage to systems caused by overheating or hardware degradation while providing recommendations for upgrades or replacements.
  • Specific services
  • Clean the keyboard
  • Clean the mouse
  • Cleaning Dust from inside and outside of the computer monitor
  • PC Upgrades when necessary
Starting just at KSH 450/mo      Ordrer Now



Samudina IT Consultancy Ltd Tech offers data recovery and hard drive recovery services. We are located at Kenyatta Avenue, Pioneer House, First Floor Rm No. 103.
Our data and hard drive recovery services include:
Hard drive crash
Operating system failure
Mechanical failure
Inaccessible files
Logical failure
Data corruption
Accidental deletion of files
Broken or damaged USB flash drives
Water or fire damaged hard drives
Our technicians are experienced with data recovery services for:
Single internal/external hard drive recovery,RAID recovery,Mac computer data.recovery,USB flash drive recovery, SSD – solid state hard drive recovery
and more.

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  • A computer virus is a small software program that spreads from one computer to another and interferes with computer operation. A computer virus might corrupt or delete data on a computer, use an email program to spread the virus to other computers, or even delete everything on the hard disk.

Starts at KSH 1,400/Year

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